• Research & Development

The watch words of our company are “Natural, Healthy, and Safe.” We are engaged in R&D to innovate and add new value with the purpose of contributing to “food,” “health,” and the “environment” all around the world by applying the benefits of yeast into our everyday lives.

Research & Development

R&D at KOHJIN Life Sciences is centered on basic research into how to most efficiently obtain a targeted molecule from microbes, mainly yeasts. Our R&D is the backbone that supports the production of numerous yeast extract products for use in the production of foods and the production of glutathione for use in medical applications.
We also create new innovative yeast extracts that meet our customers’ needs and we carry out research into the application of these new compounds in various food matrices.

Main Themes

Organization of KOHJIN’s Research and Product Development

KOHJIN Life Sciences has its principal research base at Saiki Factory in Oita Prefecture where we are engaged in the creation of new and high added value yeast strains and yeast extracts. This is closely linked to our customers needs through our detailed cooperation with our customer facing Application Development team based at our Lab facility at our Tokyo headquarters.

Research & Development