"OPITAC™" KOHJIN’s Glutathione Reduced


Glutathione as an ingredient for functional food, supplement, and cosmetic OPITAC™ Glutathione

OPITAC™ is a tri-peptide composed of glutamic acid, cysteine, and glycine; it is found in the human body, mainly in the liver; and plays an important role in sustaining life. KOHJIN’s high-quality Glutathione "OPITAC™" for food & nutrition grade is the only ingredient of its kind to hold U.S. FDA-Notified FULL GRAS status, is HALAL and KOSHER certified, and was the first to achieve JP & USP monograph designation. We are very happy to introduce OPITAC™ Glutathione’s new and unique sciences in our OPITAC™ website.

  • Oral Supplementation: Clinically Proven Absorption
  • Fitness and Lipid Metabolism (Mitochondria Biogenesis)
  • Beauty from Within
  • Antioxidation