Yeast extract product containing cysteine peptide (glutathione) "HITHION™"

What is HITHION™ ?

HITHION™ YH series is a family of yeast extracts containing high levels of Glutathione which occur naturally in Torula yeast.

HITHION™ YH-15 is yeast extract derived from Torula yeast in powder form. The total content of Glutathione in it is 15% or more.

HITHION™ YH-D18 contains at least 18% of Glutathione which is mainly oxidized. This product is stable in water and forms a clear solution. It is easily used in food applications such as beverages, jelly and snacks.

What is Glutathione?

Glutathione naturally exists in human bodies. However, there is a precipitous drop in Glutathione levels as we age.
Glutathione is a tri-peptide of glutamic acid, cysteine and glycine. It is a predominant non-protein thiol. Glutathione is listed as API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) in Japan but it is widely used as a functional food and dietary supplement in many markets around the world. It is essential for the survival of all living organisms.
However, as we age, there is a precipitous drop in Glutathione levels and lower Glutathione levels are implicated in many diseases and disorders. There are many Glutathione reducing factors such as stress, UV, tobacco and alcohol use. Therefore, ideally we should supplement Glutathione in our bodies.

Glutathione contents in food.

  • Pork liver 200mg/100g
  • Avocado 30mg/100g
  • Asparagus 26mg/100g
  • Beef 25mg/100g
  • Spinach 5mg/100g

HITHION™’s function; liver health, skin whitening/beauty and anti-oxidant.
HITHION™ has an alcohol detox effect, and it helps to keep the liver healthy.

Glutathione’s effect in breath ethanol level after drinking alcohol

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The combination of cysteine peptide and yeast nutrients help overall beauty.

Positive effect on skin

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HITHION™’s anti-oxidant function helps to maintain healthy cells by preventing from oxidant stress

Synergic effect with other anti-oxidants

Test groups;
ascorbic acid(DPPH radicals)0.04mM
Group with both substances at a ratio of 1:1(final concentration: 0.04mM)

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Glutathione is listed as an API in Japan.
Glutathione is used for pharmaceutical uses in Japan as an antidote because it assists with the excretion of hazardous substances from human body such as heavy metals or alcohol.

Uses as

  • Detoxifier – Anti-Hang Over, Liver Health
    Dietary supplement (tablet, hard capsule, soft capsule, etc.)
    YH-D18 can be used for beverages
    Hospital diets
  • Anti-oxidant – Stress and aging care
    Dietary supplement, functional beverages
  • Beauty solutions – Skin whitening and skin beauty, anti-aging
    Dietary supplement, functional beverages
    YH-D18 can be used for beverages