Company Information

For the past half a century, KOHJIN Life Sciences has continued to develop and refine our yeast fermentation processes utilizing world class microbiological technologies.

We have developed many yeast extracts focusing on their useful components such as nucleotides, amino acids, and peptides which we promote as natural food ingredients. At the same time we have entered new non-food markets by linking our strong R&D with our advanced proprietary fermentation expertise.

We will continue to manufacture and market our yeast derived products utilizing a focused management approach and within a quality management framework that meets global standards.

The origins of our logo

Based on the “Y” for “yeast” as a symbol of the yeast cultivation that is our core technology, our logo’s design also expresses the budding and growth of yeast together with the green shoots of the expected further rapid growth and development in our businesses.

The three circles represent food, health, and the environment, the areas where KOHJIN Life Sciences aims to contribute to society through its business activity.