Our Actions for the Environment, and CSR

We, as a corporation, are engaged in the business of utilizing a power of nature called “fermentation” to contribute to people’s lives and we also take our attitude towards the global environment and society seriously and apply these values to every part of our business activities.

Actions supporting the Environment

Saiki Factory has implemented numerous actions toward mitigating the impact of our business on the environment.

Focus Action Points

  1. Thorough compliance and adherence to statutory requirements such as the latest environmental standards.
  2. Reduction of waste output and reduction in per unit energy used
  3. Improving our environmental management system
  4. Promotion of environmental education

Environmental Policy

At Saiki Factory, we understand that we have a social responsibility to address environmental issues and protect the environment, with all factory personnel working together with a consistent and proactive approach.

  1. Observing environmental laws and regulations
    We will observe laws and regulations relating to the environment and other additional requirements that we have agree to meet.
  2. Setting objectives and targets and pursuing continuous improvement
    We will set objectives and targets for environmental conservation and aim to achieve them. We will also revise them as necessary to continuously improve our environmental management systems.
  3. Practicing resource and energy saving and preventing environmental pollution
    To achieve harmony between corporate activities and the environment, we will endeavor to implement resource and energy saving and to prevent pollution.
  4. Communicating and implementing this policy
    We will provide environmental education to employees and all personnel working for Saiki Factory to ensure that they are aware of and follow the policy.
  5. Disclosure of the policy
    We will disclose this policy both inside and outside the Factory.


Actions for Safety

We will formulate and implement an action plan to promote safety measures in an effort to promote safety in the factory.

Activities Related to the Environment and CSR

We are involved in various activities, including a range of volunteer actions such as cleaning initiatives at and the factory and in the local area.


  • KOHJIN Life Sciences Summer Festival
  • Cleaning the area around the factory
  • Forest volunteering
  • An initiative to stop engine idling
  • “No My Car” Commuting Day (Oita Prefecture initiative)

Improvement Activities

We promote small group activities at work units and cross-divisional activities to improve environmental safety, quality and productivity.