• Nature, Health, and Comfort through the benefit of Yeast.
  • Health, Beauty, and Weight loss through the benefit of Yeast.
  • Pharmaceutical Raw Materials utilizing our own yeast fermentation technology.

We focus on unique flavors including “Umami” and “Koku”, and contribute to a more sophisticated food culture through supplying these products to our customers.

As the benefits of yeast extracts as a whole are becoming better known, so the various individual components of yeast extracts are now being studied with interest as health food ingredients in their own rights.

Our yeast fermentation technology has applications not only in the food industry but also in a wide range of areas such as in functional ingredients.

About Us

Contribute to food and health for all the world’s people by exploiting our strengths in life science technology.


We make every effort in the continuous improvement of the quality of our products and processes.

Environment / CSR

We take our attitude towards the global environment and society seriously and apply these values to every part of our business activities.


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