KOHJIN Life Sciences Co., Ltd. has been developing yeast and yeast extracts in the food industry for more than half a century. We focus on unique flavors including “Umami” and “Koku”, and contribute to a more sophisticated food culture through supplying these products to our customers.


Umami is an extremely important component of the taste experience which determines “deliciousness.” The typical source of umami would be dashi broth derived from kombu (kelp), katsuo-bushi (dried bonito flakes) in asian cooking, or bouillon in western cuisine.
KOHJIN Life Sciences Co., Ltd. has developed a product lineup of natural ingredients aimed at adding more Umami to product applications.
We have identified the mechanism of the umami taste experience as a series of chronological events, of “front taste, middle taste, and after taste,” which enables us to design and provide any taste experience in Umami.

This product provides taste impact and creates a new impression in the front taste, which forms the “face” of the tasting experience.

This product works with the base and body of taste. By intensifying the taste of various extracts and ingredients themselves, this product reinforces the “base” that supports the tasting experience.

This product adds mild but long-lasting taste and flavor in various extracts and food materials themselves, and balances savory flavors across a wide range of ingredients.


“Body” means a full-bodied flavor sensation, which consists of mouthfeel, fattiness and meatiness.

Taste Modulator*

One element of the uniqueness of this product is that it does not contain typical Umami components like amino acids or nucleotides. Instead, it functions by intensifying the taste of the various extracts and ingredients to which it is applied, and provides their natural sweetness, creaminess and saltiness.
Thus, this product is suitable for dairy, and beverage products as well as savory products.

  • * Taste Modulator: Our company defines “Taste Modulation” as the function of modulating a taste profiles five basic tastes; sweetness, saltiness, sourness, bitterness and Umami, through the enlargement and intensifying of these tastes.

This product can intensify the taste of various extracts and ingredients themselves whilst keeping their original taste profile.
Therefore, it can be expected to provide sweetness, saltiness, creaminess and fattiness.