Yeast extract containing nucleotides (nucleic acids) "NUCLEAMINE™"


NUCLEAMINE™ is a compound containing "nucleic acid" and which contains at least 35% nucleotides (nucleic acids). NUCLEAMINE™ also contains a high level of polyamines. NUCLEAMINE™ can be used as in infant milk formulas and it is now being watched with interest as a dietary supplement with anti-aging properties.

What are nucleotides?

Nucleotides exist in cell nucleuses. Nucleotides are essential components for cell differentiation. Mother’s milk also contains nucleotides.
Nucleotides and polyamines are both contained in mother’s milk. These are especially important nutrients during the growth period of young humans. However, as we grow older, the levels of nucleotides and polyamines in our body reduce.

chronological changes in keratin moisture level

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Supplemental nucleotides are good for anti-aging and skin beauty.
Nucleotides help to keep moisture in the skins horny outer layer (Stratum Corneum) and keep our skin fresh. In addition, nucleotides help to increase pro-biotic bacteria in the bowels and promote lipid metabolism.

changes in probiotic intestinal bacteria

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What are polyamines?

Polyamines are organic compounds and are present in foods processed through fermentation and carry very small amount of specialized nutrients. It is reported that polyamines have the effect of prevention of arteriosclerosis, promotion of cell proliferation, assisting infant growth, anti-aging, and control of atopic dermatitis.

Can be used for

  • Skin beauty indications
  • Improvement of bowel health
  • Increase in lipid metabolism